Protective Glazing Manual

The Protective Glazing Manual is a new resource available to the industry for purchase.  Written by industry experts at PGC International and the Glass Association of North America, this Manual describes the types of protective glazing available, as well as the standards and levels of protection they provide.  Furthermore, it discusses the care and cleaning of protective glazing products, and offers a comprehensive glossary of terms and applications.
PGC Intl. Member $25.00 (Hardcopy)
PGC Intl. Member $25.00 (Secure PDF Format)
Non-Members $50.00 (Hardcopy)
Non-Members $50.00 (Secure PDF Format)

Reference Papers
Blast Windows and Curtainwalls: Understanding the Challenges
by Huston Dawson and Peggy Van Eepoel, Weidlinger Associates - (2.9 MB)
  PGC International Presentation to SWRI
by PGC International - (522 KB)
Security Glazing: Testing and Standards
by Valerie Block, DuPont and Ron McCann, Viracon - (179 KB)
  Cross Training for Glazing: Fire-Rated Products Fill Many Purposes
by Jerry Razwick, Technical Glass Products - (97 KB)
Solutions to Protect Against Terrorism (SPAT) Information Release
by the US Department of State - (150 KB)
  Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC): DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings
by the US Department of Defense - (290 KB)
An Information Paper on the Fenestration Industry: Focus on Protective Glazing Systems 2008 Edition
by the Protective Glazing Council - (75 KB)
  Explosive Testing of Window Systems
by Kenneth W. Herrle, M.S., and Larry M. Bryant, Ph.D., Applied Research Associates, Inc. - (538 KB)
Standard Test Method for Glazing and Window Systems Subject to Dynamic Overpressure Loadings
by the US General Services Administration - (280 KB)
  The Use of Structural Silicone Sealant for Film Attachment
by Bill O'Brien and Ken Yarosh, Dow Corning Corporation - (35 KB)
Anti-Terrorism: Criteria, Tools & Technology
by Joseph L. Smith, Applied Research Associates, Inc. - (1.16 MB)
  Safety/Security Window Film
by the International Window Film Association (IWFA) - (123 KB)
Laminated Glass
by the Glass Association of North America (GANA) - (72 KB)
  Firefighter Forcible Entry Tutorial
This online training program was developed with the cooperation of PGC and many of its members.  The training program is free.
Security Glazing Specification
by the Protective Glazing Council (PGC) - (175 KB)

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The US General Services Administration (GSA) developed a state-of-the-art method to analyze and predict the behavior of window glass under blast loads. This method, entitled WINGARD (Window Glazing Analysis Response and Design), is the first technique available for the prediction of glass hazards and is the GSA established National Standard.  For more information about WINGARD, including download information, visit Applied Research Associates Inc.  For pricing information, click here.

ATBlast is a software program that estimates the blast loads that develop during an open-air explosion. The program allows the user to input minimum and maximum range, explosive charge weight, and angle of incidence. From this information, ATBlast calculates the following values: Shock Front Velocity (V), Time of Arrival (TOA), Pressure (P), Impulse (I), and duration (td). The results are displayed on screen in a tabular format and may be printed. In addition, the resulting pressure and impulse curves may be displayed graphically.  ATBlast is a proprietary computer program developed by Applied Research Associates Inc.  For pricing information, click here.

Blast Resistant Glazing Design for Architectural Applications (BRGD)
This software provides blast resistant glazing designs in single laminated glass or insulating glass fabricated with at least one laminated glass lite.  The user defines a design blast threat to the software in terms of the weight of a hemispherical TNT charge and its standoff distance from the proposed glazing.  The software returns a 60-second equivalent design loading suitable for designing window glass constructions fabricated with laminated glass, recommended nominal thickness designations for single laminated glass or both lites of a double glazed insulating glass units fabricated with one or two laminated glass lites, and the recommended bead size for structural sealant to hold the glazing in its frame during an explosion.  For purchase information, visit the Standards Design Group website.

Comprehensive Window Glass Design (CWGD)
This software package performs all the computations from ASTM E 1300 (2000) necessary to design monolithic window glass, laminated window glass, and insulating glass. It reads all the charts and tables in ASTM E 1300 (2000) and determines whether a trial design is adequate.  For purchase information, visit the Standards Design Group website.

Comprehensive Window Glass Design Plus (CWGDPLUS)
This software package performs the same computations as does CWDG plus it handles several design situations that go beyond ASTM E 1300. These include design of rectangular window glass supported along two opposite edges, design of rectangular window glass supported along three edges, design of annealed window glass to probabilities of breakage other than 8 lites per thousand, and thick laminated glass.  For purchase information, visit the Standards Design Group website.

Wind Loads on Structures According to ASCE 7 (WLS)
This expert software, written by a group of the world's leading wind engineers, takes the effort out of computing wind loads on structures. WLS allows the designer to "build" the building in the software. It reads the ASCE 7-98 wind speed map. It allows the user to enter topographic data consistent with that contained in ASCE 7. It then computes wind loads for the Main Wind Force Resisting System as well as Components and Cladding elements. In contains numerous calculators and information screens.  For purchase information, visit the Standards Design Group website.